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Woo work new website update! December 26, 2014

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Hey y’all!

the jet pack as part of the pieces needed for finishing the new site was activated recently! Yayeeee! Sooooo close to getting it all done with the amazing tech-savvy-skills of Filipe Fonesca!! I truly hope the new site will be launched before the end of December. We’ll see….

As I’ll be gearing into a BIG transition next week…. Meaning what? Moving outta my current Portland house (where I’ve loved living here for almost 4years-ish…. Rare for me to stay in one pla ce for too long, the Gemini sun that I am… Lol…) Though…. This house, yeah, it has had a very very very dear place in my heart. Now, it’s time to move on forward on the path that’s been calling for too long! It’ll be quite a transition since I’m gonna be moving outta house living space into temporary float-crash spaces …. While at the same time, sorting out stuff around the manifestation of my envisioning of gypsy traveler caravan home on wheels of some sort…. This is a paramount step forward into my embodying more of the nomadic lyfestyle so I’m bald to become more accessible to peoples and places who need my magicks and medicines which I offer in service.

this is a exciting step for me to take; yes, I’m gonna be honest: I’ve had my moments of freaking out, feeling a lack of confidence, worrying if I can’t handle this change, etc…. Right now, I’m in a totally different mind-heart-spirit-body space. I’ve been working in super Deep ways re. Unravelling threads around fear, insecurity, and more. I’ve been working Deeply in claiming confidence, that YES I’m more than worthy and deserving of this traveler gypsy caravan home I’ve been calling-envisioning into manifest, that YES I’m more than deserving to be able and accessible to/with places and folx who need the medicines and magicks I offer in Service. I’ve also been working with the uncomfortable feeling that I will need to take on more of a social media visibility in some new ways. All this hasn’t been easy work, by far…!!

I’m truly and deeply grateful to Spirit and the Universe for catching me always, reminding that YES I’m deserving and worthy of this unfolding cycle that is coming through already… My heart feels full of gratitude for Jasmin Soleil and her mentorship – such a magick drenched experience thus far and I look forward to more unfolding!!

ive also asked my dear friend, Daniel, to re-vamp my business card to reflect the changes that are in progress ie. new woo work website address, etc.

when more comes up to surface, I’ll write more. In the meanwhile, blessings of the winter holydays season!


Woo work new website update! December 10, 2014

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Hi y’all!

this just in….. There’s a wee bit delay with the launch date for the new website. Just a bit more behind the scenes work being done! Hopefully, it’ll be ready to launch by or before winter solstice! We’ll see… When I’ve more of a idea, then I’ll update it on here.

It’s still exciting!! Wow! 🙂

more on this soon….


mr. Thorne


Full moon in Gemini and other thoughts…. December 7, 2014

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Wow! It certainly has been a BIG Gemini full moon!

the moon is so clearly Seen tonight in all her beauty and glory! So grateful to have Seen her tonight! A rare thing while I’m here in the City (Portland, OR). I spent some time wandering around at an art exhibit I was invited to; such intrigue and creativity in diverse forms were shown on display. I loved especially viewing the nature based jewelry and items shown by my dear friend-chosen fam-sis, April’s friend Gwen. Definitely will be keeping in touch with Gwen since she showed me some amazing Faery stones!

After that, it was off to have a yummy dinner and movie time with April. Oh, and we didn’t forget our crafty time! We made luminaries from beeswax. It was really fun learning something new I could do with beeswax…. Feeling grateful for all the beauty, abundance, and magick that’s unfolded thus far tonight… I feel there is MORE magick to unfold!!

It was fun to try a different way of making the pizza that April and I usually make it- this time with the vegan arugula hazelnut pesto. Yummmm!!

There’s more brewing up with the flow of changes along my path…. More soon on that!

til then, happy full moon and blessings!!

mr. Thorne


Creativity and shiftings! December 4, 2014

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Hello y’all! as the holyday season has opened up…. There certainly will be (and already is) ALOT moving  in the sky and will be reflecting in deep, powerful ways for each of us as we move forward on our respective paths. Myself, I’ve certainly been feeling this coming Satyrday’s full moon in Gemini….!!! Tonight I’ve mused some on Brighid and Morrighan…. Some interesting pieces coming to light and surface from the depths for me; one- for example, I didn’t connect the dots that Brighid is the daughter of the Morrighan til I did some reading via http://www.druidry.org… And then there it was as I was reading about both of them… And so much started falling into place for me in my hearts realizations about them both. No wonder why right now Brighid is very strong for me, currently… also, tonight, I purchased a book tonight via amazon.com about masculine Rites of passage, Celtic spirituality related themes with the grail, etc. I’m feeling like I’ll be on a studying and deepening cycle this month or so! Should be a intriguing journey….. On many levels, I already can sense this…. 😉 Tomorrow evening I will be making some beeswax-related items (which I love doing during December as one if my preparations for winter solstice)  and trying my hand at the craft of felting for the first time! I’m excited to see where the slipstream of magick will flow with this as this week unfolds… More thoughts and feels soon! mr. Thorne


Checking in! December 3, 2014

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Hey y’all!

i arrived earlier today at Portland, or after a few days trek north from California. I’m taking a few days to decompress this week from travels. Thankee you for the patience and I will be available for booking sessions by the week’s end!

I’m grateful for a safe landing and still processing a lot from my California travels.

More thoughts soon!

mr. Thorne


Quick update November 29, 2014

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Exciting news!!!

the domain name AND web hosting has been paid for re. my new woo work website! It’s really exciting yet a bit surreal that this whole process is almost done….. Wow! I’m mega grateful for my UK friend, Filipe Fonesca and his amazing tech savvy ness! I can’t imagine doing this without his wonderful support! The lanch of my new website will take place sometime during the second week of December 2014! When I get word of the site being all set to be launched, then I will be sure to update y’all on here!

thankees you for the patience with this long process; it’s much much appreciated!

On a different note:

I’ve been in CA for a couple days now… Much needed on many different levels! Much indeed has been shifting internally for me. I’m excited to share some of these things as the timings unfold for that. I’ll be trekking northwards back towards OR this weekend. Once I’m back in the Portland area -after having a few days of decompression – I will be available for booking appts/sessions.

And! Please don’t forget….. There are gift certificates (my woo work services) still available at ritual arts body piercing and tattoo shop! Tomorrow is but local, shop local Satyrday! Consider supporting a community oriented traveller healer fellow such as I during this weekend! Cash only for purchase of certificates, many many thankees and gratitude in advance!

More soon!


Quick checkin! October 28, 2014

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Hello folks!

lots has been moving and shifting since I last wrote on here. Some exciting news! I will be purchasing the web hosting/domain for Spirit Oracle’s new website very soon…. It’ll be early November! It’s been quite a process and I couldn’t have gotten this far without the amazing support of my web designer and friend, Filipe Fonesca!

In other news, I will be leaving Portland (Oregon) for southern Oregon; wolf creek, to be exact. Why? To celebrate Samhain gathering with my tribe and to be out in the woods for at least 4-ish days/nights…. I can’t wait!

my phone will be off and not in use during 30th oct til 4th-ish nov. Please keep that in mind. Thankees for your patience in advance with that.

After Samhain gathering is done, I’ll be trekking northwards thru Eugene, Portland, Olympia, and Tacoma.. I’ve got a woo work gig in Tacoma during the 7th nov. I’m excited for this! Right now, it’s not clear yet if I will travel further north past Tacoma at this point. Though, I do know I will be returning south to portland for a couple days, then quite possibly headed south to the Bay Area in Cali area- later in nov…. See see… An update will be posted when more details come thru after Samhain.

With all that said, blessed and magickal Samhain!! See y’all in the new year!

mr. Thorne


Rune : gebo / Geofu October 15, 2014

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Today, I used a silver spoon with a lovely rune design on it. Gebo is this rune; it felt like a ray of light and a gentle reminder from the Universe that I’m definitely taken care of, that I’m held, that I will receive what I need right now. I’m feeling a lot of gratitude for this, especially today with how my physical body is feeling as well as other things unfolding on other levels, energy-wise and such.


meaning: gift. Tree: elm. Summary: partnership, gifts of the Goddess, blessings, magickal exchange, power to create within self.


meaning: a gift. Divinatory meaning: a spiritual gift. Tree: ash/elm.


A gift is coming to you and this presents you with a choice. You can either accept it or reject it. If you choose to accept it, you must be prepared to give in return. Everything has it’s price, but with spiritual gifts the cost is always worth it on the end. It is up to you to find the balance between giving and receiving and to learn the lesson of responsible giving. You must learn when to give and who to give to. It is not appropriate to give to everyone indiscriminately for there are those who do not want to receive, so giving to them is a waste of energy and an abuse of your own gifts.

Meaning: a gift

To receive a gift, you must also be a giver. Likewise, if you give, you must be willing to receive. The cycle of giving and receiving must never be broken. Those who take without giving on a physical or emotional level lose their own spiritual gifts. To tread a spiritual path you must be both a giver and ca receiver. To be truly balanced you must be able to receive a gift with total humility, knowing that if you abuse a spiritual gift, you will lose it.

Compassion is a sharing of the gift of love and understanding. Encouragement is the sharing of the gift of empowerment. Each person has many gifts; once they are recognized, then they can be used.

Book: runes for divination, protection, and healing by Andy Baggott.


A psalm for Gaia October 13, 2014

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The Earth is my mother, I shall not want.

She nurtures me in green pastures; She freshens me with flowing waters. She restores my body and awakens my soul. Although I walk through the shadow of changing seasons and passing time; I will not fear death, for the essence of life is within me,

The peace and beauty of Earth comfort me.

She teaches me to harvest her abundant gifts, She fills my heart with compassion,

I drink from the cup of simple pleasures.

As I look to the skies with wonder at the immensity of the Universe,

I know I am blessed beyond measure to live out all the days of my life

in the bountiful house of Gaia.


Samhain and changes afoot!! October 6, 2014

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its the witches new year! Already been feeling the tides and energies moving big time for this 🙂 I’m going to be on the Land (wolf creek radical faerie sanctuary) for the gathering -during 29th oct til 2nd-ish November…. After Samhain, I will be slipping into full on traveling season…. Heading northwards from wolf creek with maybe a stop in Portland, then continuing north to Tacoma, with a stop in Olympia on the way. I’m providing readings as part of an event that’s taking place in Tacoma during the 7th of  November ! More details on that soon! I’m excited for that opportunity coming up…. Wheee!

With the remaining time I’ve got here in Portland, it’s to focus on packing up, etc and spending time w dear ones here before heading into Samhain then full on traveling season! It’s a bit bittersweet yet feel right to b closing up many things here portland wise even if some of these things may not be easy. Im finding that if I continue to remind myself that it is in the letting go, the dying of things and such, I’m feeding into opening and birthing a brand new cycle…. Big powerful intense stuff.

More of a update soon. With love and light,

mr. Thorne